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I love my new Zounds because:

1.I’m hearing things I used to not hear. What a treat
2.My Zounds are easy to put on and take care of.
3.No Batteries – No Batteries – No Batteries!
4.I sit smugly and happy when I hear other people say bad things about their hearing aids.
5.I feel like the Zounds office staff are really good friends I can count on!
6.It’s been a wonderful experience.

- Charlotte Y. of Sun City, TX

I have had three sets of hearing aids in the past 8 years. This is my fourth set and are by far the best and less expensive than any before.
I have good hearing now!
Thank you Zounds!

P.S. They help adjust each ear till you hear!
- John S. – Sun City, TX

I have had a much better hearing experience with Zounds than I did with the other two that I used before Zounds. The ability to control for use in different environments is really great.

Phonak and Starkey do not offer that ability. Plus the fact that batteries do not need to be replaced and they really enable me to hear very well.
- Don W. of Sun City, Texas

I am very happy with my Zounds Hearing aids. The staff has been great to work with. They are very professional. They answered all my questions. Like all high tech devices, some fine tuning was required. They went out of their way to help until it was completely ratified.
- T. Michael F.

Now, I hear what I’ve been missing!! Because I have a pair of hearing aids from Zounds!!
No batteries are needed!! This is one of the greatest advantages.
Cathy was so great in the testing and Karen greeted me like a long lost friend.
- Billie E.

It is such a relief to be able to hear again! I tried other hearing aids but never was satisfied with results.
Now it is enjoyable to be with others and be a part of the conversations. Before, I was always straining to hear what was being said and understanding their words.
It is simple –I can hear better than I have heard in the past – and I am 91 years old.
- James G. of Sun City, TX

I have worn hearing aids since the 1970′s. The aids were always prescribed to take care of the specific problem as it then existed.
When my hearing further deteriorated, I had to turn up the sound, using batteries up very quickly. Finally, they wouldn’t help with any changes in hearing. With Zounds, I can make adjustments on either ear and I always have a fresh charge. Zounds are much more powerful and can be charged every night. Zounds remote can adjust to just about any situation.

The personnel at Zounds are most helpful and professional. Once, when I did not have transportation available, they picked me up and then took me home.

When you enter the offices you are made comfortable with coffee and snacks. It makes you feel like you’re dealing with old friends.

I have two daughters with similar hearing problems. I’ve told them how pleased I am.

- Bob V.

I felt like I’ve needed hearing aids for a good while, but was reluctant to check into them, namely because of my perception of nuisance when wearing and the cost of purchasing them.
This changed when I received a mailer from Zounds. What appeared to me, to be a new concept in hearing aids, from what I had read about other hearing aids.
Things that impressed me about Zounds were no batteries, a remote control with the ability to make sound adjustments depending on my environment and what I perceived to be favorable pricing.

I went in for testing. Cathy did the testing and provided me with sufficient data to confirm that I indeed needed hearing aids.

I purchased the Zounds Clareza Hearing aids. Cathy, Karen, and Paul have worked very close with me in making sure my hearing aids are as efficient and comfortable as possible.
I am very happy with my choice and would recommend Zounds and their very qualified personnel to anyone who thinks they might have a hearing problem.
- Marvin M. of Georgetown

First off I’d like to say I had a wonderful experience from the testing to the fitting and followups. I had been looking around a bit and had tried other aids, but the Zounds are by far the best I found, and were actually very well priced for the quality and features!
- Phil D. of Round Rock

If you have a good product and a good hearing specialist, plus a business that really has your best interest in mind then you are in the right place. I know my wife worked in a speech and hearing clinic on a University campus. My daughter went to TCU and got her masters in speech and hearing. The true test is whether you are fitted with an aid that helps you. The hearing aid is not about the cost (well for some it might be), but the service and the ability to hear.
• I like your service
• You are welcomed when you walk in the door
• You do not have to fiddle with the battery
• Cost is important but how it works is more important, So test it!
• With all of the aids on the market you need someone that knows the product and can help you with your needs.
Thanks Zounds!
- Wally B (tutor/mentor/chaplain/granddad/gardener/It’s important that I hear!)

My husband has been profoundly hard of hearing for over 45 years. Miracle Ear hearing aids provided some relief from his hearing loss but in many ways seemed inadequate; such as frequently needing repair costing $300.00 + each time; not being able to handle certain ranges, and needing batteries every 5 – 7 days.
Zounds fives my husband sounds he has never heard before with such sharpness and clarity. I no longer have to translate or repeat conversations, and his new hearing aids are of superior quality! And No batteries!
- Ginger P. of Sun City, TX

May 17, 2015